A little writer’s little wishlist

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post that was very special to me, about a topic that makes me fizz with joy: my book. The response to that blog post (which I’ll just drop a link to heeere) was overwhelming, in the best possible way. It was so overwhelming, in fact, that it rendered me utterly unable to follow it up.

So now I am going to ease myself back into my blog with something easy. My dreams as a writer.

I’ve always considered myself a writer in the most straightforward definition of the word. That is, I was a person who wrote on a daily basis. My overriding dream as a writer was to move into capital letter territory: to be A Writer.

Now that is on its way to happening (EEEE!!! etc), I can indulge myself a little more and talk about the other dreams I had, before now, hardly dared let myself dream. These are the dreams that I think most, if not all, young writers hold close.

So here it is, to share with you all. A little writer’s little wishlist of dreams:

– My name on a spine in Waterstones

– A nice comment from someone who is not related to me, nor someone paid to champion my writing (though these are wonderful too)

– A five star review

– A one star review (perversely)

– My book translated into another language

– An audiobook (I *love* audiobooks)

– Fanart (I think I would actually cry)

– Questions from readers

– Emails from readers

– Tweets from readers

– Readers


5 thoughts on “A little writer’s little wishlist

  1. Beautiful Broken Things is an awesome title. I hope you get everything on your wishlist, apart from that one star review. Although let’s face it, I think every author is destined for one of those bad boys! Readers though, aaaah, how lovely that’ll be! I hope everything goes as planned up until and after release! =)

  2. I’ve just read your other post – wow! I too was the little girl who loved to write and had a dream and then grew up. I was a journalist then I wrote in different ways for other people. Finally I came full circle and I am writing again, for myself but also hopefully for others. Nothing like as impressive as you but I am hoping to publish my book within the next few weeks – it’s non-fiction which is a lot easier for me so my next challenge will be to finish my novel (first draft very nearly done) and then to polish, polish, polish…..Look forward to hearing more about Beautiful Broken Things.

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